Disclaimer & Refund Policy
GiftBasketsBook.com offers a complete money back guarantee for the resources (books, software programs, and tools) advertised on its website, for whom access shall be granted to anyone who purchases said resource(s) and completely executes the instructions in the resource(s) within the 60-day period immediately following purchase of the resource(s).

All refund requests must be submitted in writing no later than 60 days from the purchase date. All refund requests submitted later than 60 days after the purchase date shall be rejected as invalid.

Should a purchaser of the resource(s) follow the instructions provided within the prescribed period and return evidence of having done so to the email address provided, GiftBasketsBook.com shall, upon reviewing said evidence and determining in GiftBasketsBook.com's sole discretion that the instructions provided have been accurately adhered to, and upon purchaser's claim that executing the instructions provided in said resource(s) have not been satisfactory to purchaser, GiftBasketsBook.com shall issue a refund to the purchaser within 10 days of the refund request.

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