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From: Sarah Whitcomb

Dear Aspiring Gift Basket Maker,

Have you been searching for information on making homemade gift baskets — information that is easy to learn how? Even if you're not "crafty"?

How would you like to discover gift basket making tips and techniques that experienced professionals use – methods that save time & money and make your gift baskets beautiful the first time.

Are you fed up reading articles and websites that promise step-by-step instructions on how to make gift baskets but leave out the most important information about what equipment and supplies are needed and ideas to create the perfect gift basket for any occasion?

Are You Ready Right Now To Learn How To:

  • Create beautiful gift baskets that will amaze your family and friends
  • Choose and use the best equipment and supplies
  • Choose the perfect container, filler, and gifts for just the right effect
  • Select the perfect combination of supplies for every gift basket
  • Understand and avoid common gift basket making problems

If you'd like to save money, make beautiful gift baskets to give as wonderful gifts, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's Why:

All the information you have ever wanted, or needed, to know about how to make your own gift baskets in one place. No more searching through hundreds or articles or books that simply don't give you the answers you're looking for. All the answers, all the tips and the step-by-step lessons are here in Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets.

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When I started making my own gift baskets, I had no idea how to begin. I searched through the books in the local bookstore for gift basket making books, but they always seemed too complicated and didn’t show me how to make gift baskets with step-by-step instructions.

The books always seemed to jump from one idea or suggestion to another.

There was no easy way for me to learn. All I wanted was an easy-to-follow, easy to understand book, that took me step-by-step from what supplies I would need and specific ideas for gift baskets to create.

I wanted a book that I could keep with me throughout my gift basket making process and one that I could turn to for tips, ideas and advice…relevant advice that would really help me to perfect my gift baskets.

I spent hours looking for a gift basket making book designed specifically for beginners, I couldn’t find one. I kept seeing beautiful ready-made gift baskets in stores and knew that I could make my own just as good, if not better, but I couldn’t find out where to start.

Often with the books I did find, as I scanned through the pages, I ended up more confused than when I started because they would discuss different additions and talk about different basket ideas but would never tell me what to add to what.

Make Gift Baskets The Easy Way Plus Over 100 Gift Basket Ideas

Yes, I remember my early days of making gift baskets, when I desperately wanted to know how to make a specific type of gift basket — what to add and where to find the supplies. I still laugh at the mistakes I made as I tried again and again to copy a beautiful gift basket I had seen in a store.

Why should you have to go through what I went through…why should you have to learn the hard way?

Because I enjoy making gift baskets so much I wanted to make it easy for you to learn how to make your own beautiful gift baskets. Through years of trial and error I discovered that there was a step-by-step method to making gift baskets that would help you avoid all the mistakes and would prevent you getting discouraged before you made your perfect gift baskets.

So, I have written down this simple process for learning how to make gift baskets.

And not only will you be able to make your own beautiful gift baskets, but I also share with you all the tips, tricks and troubleshooting I have learned over my years of experience.

My Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets eBook is set out for the beginner, for the person who has never made a gift basket before, but the gift basket ideas, and the many tips throughout the book will help any level of gift basket maker.

The techniques covered throughout the book will serve as a solid foundation for all your gift basket making in the years to come.

This guide shows you how to set up your gift basket supplies collection, what containers, fillers, decorative items, and wrapping materials you need and how to best combine everything together to make the perfect gift baskets - whether making just one gift basket or many baskets. The book includes all the steps in an easy-to-follow format.

But please don't just take my word for how my book can help you. Listen to what our customers say.

All the instructions and ideas for making my own gift baskets turned out to be right on the $$. The baskets were perfect and our children enjoy receving them. I know this book will provide years of ideas and enjoyment.

Charlotte, Fairfax, VA


The gift baskets took a short time to make, cost only a fraction of ready-made, and were all appreciated as Christmas gift fo our customers.

Mark, Oak Park, IL


I finished my first basket, which was a new baby gift basket, in less than an hour using items I had around the house!!! The gift basket that we were thinking about purchasing was not a tenth as nice as the basket I made based on ideas in your book. I even stenciled my friend's daughter's name on the outside along with other decorations.

Sandra Cummings
Cross Church, MS


Thanks so much for your gift basket ideas. This was definitely the way to go!!! I had priced many ready-made gift baskets and they were SO expensive. My son is 5, and we have a tight budget. With your ideas, we made him a birthday gift basket, and it still turned out great. Thanks again!!!

Brenda and David
Golden, CO


Here's A Taste Of The Gift Basket Making Tips You Get In
Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets

  • You will feel like an expert gift basket maker when you shop for your supplies. Right after you download your eBook, Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets, you can begin with Part 1: Design Basics.
  • You will create beautiful gifts for your friends and family. You can choose the style of basket you want to make and then follow the ideas guide in Part II: Gift Basket Themes.
  • You will save time and money knowing how to make the perfect basket for just about every occasion.
  • Learn how to really spice up your gift basket making with instructions on how to add homemade gifts to your baskets.
  • As soon as you download your eBook, Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets, and by following my five step guide you will make your very first gift basket.
  • You will learn a new skill and discover a wonderful hobby and pastime that will show you how to make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

In my eBook, Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets,
with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide,
you also have over 100 gift basket ideas, such as:

  • Holidays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Spa and Bath
  • New Home
  • Hobbies
  • Food

Our 133-page guide includes a wealth of information you simply won’t find in other gift basket making guides - with over 100 gift basket ideas.

I want my eBook to be a truly valuable guide to YOU, the gift basket maker.

And All For An Incredible Price Too...!

My friends think I should be selling this resource for a very high price. They know how much time, thought and baskets went into it.

But I convinced them that I should try this price as part of a marketing test. They are still wondering whether I have gone crazy!

Once you see what's included in this guide, you'll see that this instruction and information is worth every cent and nowhere can you find so much information and so many gift basket ideas in one place.

  • Detailed instructions on the supplies you need to get started in making gift baskets
  • Detailed step-by-step guide for making your first ever gift basket
  • Detailed "recipes" for over 100 gift baskets

All of This Is Yours
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The bottom line is that nowhere will you find a gift basket making resource as valuable as Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets at any price!

The price of the Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets is yours for an incredibly low $19.95. And you receive your copy instantly! No waiting for a book to be delivered by the postman or making a trip to the bookstore. By instantly receiving your copy, you can get started right now!

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If you aren't 100% satisfied - I don't expect...or keep your money. Simply send off a quick email to me within 60 days and I'll happily refund your money in full - no whining, and no crying.
But even if you decide this gift basket making information isn’t for you - the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, as a "thank you" gift from me.

That means you can't lose no matter what!


So, as you can see, there is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. After you take a look at the resources, if you decide that it won’t work for you, I’m the loser, not you.

That's right! You can download this book today, get started making your gift baskets immediately, and if you are not completely happy at any time following your purchase – for any reason – just let me know, and your money will be cheerfully refunded.

The savings value you will receive from Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets alone is well worth the $19.97 price tag, but to make this offer even more valuable, it comes with 2 Special Bonus Gifts!

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